10 March 2011

A Happy Girl

I hope you have all had a wonderful week!

I am thrilled to usher in a new look, a new title, a new domain and consequently, a new beginning around here. What do you think?

Of course, I've adored the name two one ten because it is the day we met Miss Sookie. (February 1st, 2010) For many understandable reasons it was one of the scariest days of my life, but I will always cherish those hours for showing me what can happen when you conquer the impossible. How your heart can stretch to leaps and bounds you never knew existed. It was the day she made me a momma and showed me how much I have underestimated my power in this world. It was the day she showed me what fierce fight can be within someone who is a mere 5 pounds, how much courage she had to make it here. I still tear up at the simple thought of her first cries. How I ached to hold her close to me for hours without interruption, but that I knew they had to whisk her away to check on her heart.

I debated forever if I should change the name of this blog or not. I annoyed friends and family asking for their input. I typed in many, many, many different ideas for a new domain name. I started to drive myself insane because I so desperately wanted a simple title that summed up my life in two to three easy to remember words. I finally came to the realization all I can do is share our story, celebrate the impossible that has comprised our journey, practice gratitude everyday and hope the title of this blog brings me some new inspiration along the way. I'm a happy girl. I have a happy and healthy 13 month old who has a personality bigger and sweeter than a lot of adults I know! I'm a blessed momma and although it is tough to be a trailblazer and dealing with health issues while raising a child, I will continue to see the joy in all things. I can't compare my luck to others, I can only see it in the scope of my own life.

I have to say an extra extra special thanks to Danielle Moss Graphic Design & Photography for the blog makeover. She is stunningly talented! The design I had up before was one of her pre-made templates. I still love it too! I had a vision of what I wanted for my custom design but I'm horrible at describing things in a way that makes sense, especially when it is someone else with all of the graphic design knowledge. Danielle was unbelievably wonderful to work with. She had endless patience with me, my changing preferences and completely chaotic time schedule. Go check out her site and be prepared for some gorgeous beyond words eye candy.

There are a few new additions to the navigation bar right below the header. In addition, I will be finishing up Sookie's birth story within the next few weeks. I also have a cute new button! Grab one, go ahead...I know you want to.

Here's to new beginnings and a fresh start!


  1. your blog is adorable!!! I am a new follower...say you over at supermom and am glad I clicked over!

  2. Loved working with you! You are too sweet. Thanks for the mention :)

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  4. i LOVE it. as usual, your blog is very adorable.

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  8. Tahnie! Your blog is bright, beautiful & inspiring :)

  9. Love the name. I know I told you but wanted to tell you right here, too. <3 So happy you finally found one that fits you!