25 November 2014

The Day You Drop The Knife

I believe that sometimes the most difficult thing about being a human is we are so often taught to deny our own power. To cast aside our role in our story. Our divine nature to manifest magic. When you first feel a glimpse into how all encompassing it is, it can be terrifying. That dizzying realization of your own colossal power. After all it is so easy to take a back seat and ride along with the waves, without fighting the current and refusing to live an ordinary life.

This quote hit me hard. It made an audible gasp escape from my lips when I first saw Elizabeth Gilbert's post on her Facebook page. She ended it with "peace, my dears." I actually made the above graphic way back in March. Tonight, as various things have started to come together for me, I knew it was time to write this post. I knew I finally could. Funny how that works.

You know that panic you feel when things you've been dreaming of and scheming for, start to come to fruition? That satisfaction can be terrifying and motivating. The key is to find that balance, right on that peak between oh my gosh what if this all comes crashing down around me and oh my darling but what if you create everything you've ever wanted?

I'm done being in my own way. How about you?


  1. Amazing quote! So true. The worst thing is that mostly we won't even notice the knife because we are so busy with our daily tasks that we don't even have a moment to stop and reflect on our life..