15 November 2014

On My Heart, In My World

A few minutes ago, I was glancing over saved drafts in blogger, sifting through the thoughts and words wondering which to tackle today. It has been a good week, a big week. There is so much I want to make sense of and write about. There is always something quiet deep within, pushing you forward, beyond your comfort zone. For some reason, that something in me has been extra powerful lately and I'm learning to trust it and go with it. I've had important phone calls. I've been planting seeds of hope everywhere I can. I turned around some mommy guilt on Monday when Sookie so desperately wanted to stop at the library before preschool and there simply wasn't time. Instead, we played a game of tag at the park. We were bundled up in the cold, laughing and constantly moving to keep warm. It was, by far, the best 15 minutes of my day. My reminder that you don't need to do grand things to make memories, that sometimes the most simple things are what childhood is made of.

I soaked up the music of The Black Keys a few nights ago with Rory and his brothers. We laughed at the bold dance moves of the couple a few feet away from us in the general admission area. I secretly wished I had the guts to move that freely and unabashedly in public. I'm forever grateful to be wowed by the sheer power of live music. How it can bring people together for a few hours, united in melody.

Speaking of music, Sookie sings all day lately. Most often with her doggy guitar. I love it. My ears delight in it. The other day she was singing a song: the moon is shining bright, it's a day of light. She said she just made it up and it made my heart burst with pride.

We launched fresh products this week too! Brand new gLockets are up on the website! Our vintage heart in gold and rose gold. I'm obsessed with these and love the way they compliment a cozy sweater! Use code HAPPYGIRL at checkout for 20% off. Grab some for gifts!

And with that, I will say happy weekend, make a cup of coffee, and work on my new project! :)


  1. Lovely post. Love that you noted that was the best 15 minutes of your day. And "Ooh!", I didn't know you had a shop!!!! Off to check it out!!! [Not flush with cash at the moment but I'll definitely store it in my memory banks to buy from you when I'm able - I'm all for supporting brilliant, entrepreneurial bloggers!]

  2. oh my goodness, yes. It's when you let go of all the "how the day is supposed to go" and "to-do's" that real life really is awesome. I need to do that more...much more.

    The other day the kids and I danced in the living room to the CMA awards. It was so awesome.

  3. Those 15 minutes make life worth it.

  4. So much about this post resonated with me. I, too, marvel at how the littlest thing can seem like the most amazing thing to my little girl. I wish I could experience the mundane with a 10th of the joy that my little girl does. And live music, there's nothing like it. And oh my gosh, that little verse that Sookie came up with makes my heart want to explode. She is precious.

  5. I'm really in love with the idea of focusing on small things that make your day and reflecting on things that make you happy. I'm excited to start following your blog!

  6. Oh wow, your line, "you don't need to do grand things to make memories," really resonated with me tonight. Your family and your story are beautiful! Thank you for sharing.