07 November 2014

Hope On A Friday

my new obsession

This morning I played I spy with our girl on the drive to the hospital to see my nephrologist. We sang Christmas songs at the top of our lungs. I soaked up this gorgeous November morning, reveling in the majestic mountains towering over the freeway. The waiting room at the kidney and liver clinic was packed full. Noticing this reminded me how blessed I am that I only have to go there twice a year now, knock on wood! Such a far cry from the three times weekly it was once upon a time two decades ago.

Sookie has been my sidekick to two blood draws this week before today and continued to be such a trooper at my appointment this morning. She is such an old soul and pushes me to be braver all the time.

The best news of the day is a .88 creatinine (anything below 1 is considered ideal) level 20 years post transplant with no immunosupressive medication! My nephrologist told me to go celebrate! 

It always feels incredible to remember what a miracle your body is, every single day.


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier today. What an amazing story you have, and your positive attitude shines through in your writing! Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. So glad you have good results!