09 November 2014

How To Live Your Best Life

Rise up with gusto. Attack your destiny. Follow it through to its beautiful and outrageous conclusion. Stop for breaks occasionally and to breathe in this glorious life. You are not a robot, work is not your life. You are a human being, and that, being is all that is required of you. Accept this. You heart beats along with the thump of your big, outrageous, spectacular dreams.

Feed your soul, along with your belly. Choose love over fear, even when fear is disguised as love.  Pick your battles, but know the core of your fight.


Carefully note the odds stacked against you. Remember them. Then kindly throw them out.

Recognize your story. Own your power. Do not be afraid of it. Use it to change the world.

Wake up. Again. Repeat.


  1. Beautifully written:) Also, I agree; feeding our souls is very important.

    Aniqa Dreams

  2. Beautiful. Very powerful. Thank you.

  3. Great way to start my Monday! Stopping by from SITS... after you stopped by my blog!

  4. Great reminder. I've just had a mini marathon reading here after I stumbled onto your blog. Wow, what you've been through... and your outlook on life nonetheless. I, too, lost my siblings recently. Anyway, thanks for the motivating words.

  5. Thank you for posting on Motivation Monday!

  6. Tahnie, this is beautiful. Thanks for writing :)