29 April 2014

Little Bits Of Happy

Today was so utterly glorious I want to remember every last detail. Little bits of happy on a Tuesday in April. This cute gal,  Zena the sweetest doberman you will ever meet. She is a warrior princess extraordinaire and lives with my mom and dad. New Ray LaMontagne music. Candy to my ears! Hey Ray? You Win. At everything. I found myself spending energy on the areas I am most passionate about. Writing time, momma time, daughter time, worker bee/dream chaser time...I love it when I feel like I really nailed the ever so delicate art of balancing it all. (Because most of the time? I think balance is a bullish*t word.) Perfect spring weather (okay, it was cold Haha!) Sookie dressing herself. I was productive but not stressed. I was on top of meds and eye drops and my stomach wasn't churning...it was a beautiful thing! I made the most delectable smoothie this morning. I threw in kale, coconut oil, blueberries, chia seeds, ginger root, granny smith apple. It all blended into a yummy mess. I love it when that happens.

Today I want to remember the way Sookie tilted her head back to laugh after she "snuck up" on my dad (while sitting right next to him) to tickle him at lunch. The way she was struggling with her linguine and she told me should could simply try to sneak up on it. Her glee over meeting the new baby kittens at Poppa and GrrMomma's house.

Tonight when she was wearing a Bluth's Frozen Banana Stand giant tee as a nightgown, running in the bathroom to proudly announce "That man on TV is singing my lullaby song mom!" That man on the TV would be Tom Petty and her lullaby song would be Angel Dream No. 2.

The details? Oh, I love them.