06 April 2014

Blur Of Colors

It can be funny and somewhat frightening when you realize how immensely powerful your thoughts are; how they climb up toward majestic rainbows and puppies and cupcakes when you focus on the good, how quickly they spiral down when the negative overtakes everything you think about. It is a phenomenon I've always been in awe of, but lately really sinking in and soaking up the notion and how I can use it to better my own life.

The shocking beauty of the right now? The right now as of April 2014?
Being irresponsible for a few hours earlier this week and sneaking away from my "to dos" to take my girl on a date to The Lego Movie. Cue laughter and happy tears from me and thanking the universe for delivering when I'm feeling all out of sorts from my authentic self. Walking around the giant movie theater in the rain so my girl can throw a penny in the fountain and make a wish. Randomly stumbling across none other than the Mystery Machine itself. Going out for breakfast for dinner on a cozy rainy spring night. Play group at the gym. She is my angel who is a blur of colors. The moment of meeting my cousin's brand new baby and holding him for the first time. A Saturday when Rory is braiding my hair as I braid Sookie's. Dragon duels with Poppa at the toy store. Watching Sookie enthusiastically waving to strangers from the mall train. Kisses on my hand from her as I hold it up for a high five.

I want to hear about all the beauty in your world right now! Please share in the comments!