03 April 2014

A Roaring Ballerina

She was cracking me up yesterday in her ballet ensemble ...and her black boots with the bows on the back. Roaring as she twirled, such an accurate yin and yang of her and everything she does. She teaches me so much, every day. I want to be a roaring ballerina when I grow up. A touch of fierceness and grace. Facing life with courage and spins.

March was utterly fantastic to us. We've been home for over a week from our grand adventure to Disneyland! I'm still adjusting. (And writing about it all.) Such a thrill to surprise our girl with something she has dreamed of for years now.

This morning she woke up, kissed Jack (our dog) then proudly proclaimed, "I'm going to make a burrito of sparkles!"

Also? This morning we played trick or treat with a Hello Kitty Easter basket from the Target dollar bin. I'm lucky I get to live in her world with her sometimes. I get tickled at the ever present reminder that you create your own reality. The power of your thoughts is phenomenal.

Hope your Thursday includes sparkle burritos!