28 May 2014

Some Dreams Shouldn't Have To Wait 5 More Minutes

(A scene from ballet photos last week)

We bought a vintage 1971 trailer on Mother's Day! It definitely needed fixing up and we scored such a tremendous deal, which always takes the excitement up about ten thousand notches, right?! It seems like we've been dreaming about doing a glamper project as a family for years now! It is finally here and has been quite the adventure so far. I think we might be driving our families a little nuts with how much we've thrown ourselves into it....but ah, the journey! I will post some sneak peeks as we go and also the complete before and after. Roar is a rockstar...truly. He amazes me with all of his vast self taught knowledge. You know it has been a good day when your hands are covered in paint and you smell like sweat and sunscreen. This is the summer of little (and big!) dreams, I keep chanting to myself. It is all right here in our hands.

The other night we were able to enjoy a rare date night due to my mother's wonderful babysitting skills. We didn't do anything huge or outrageous. And we had an absolute blast. Those nights often end up meaning as much as the big celebratory happenings. It never ceases to blow me away how much date nights bring us both back to "happy go lucky couple" so quickly. Where it all began is a good thing to remember when the stress of running life and a household and businesses build up and our tempers are short amid the chaos in the whirlwind. One of our destinations happened to be running into Target 5 minutes before closed to buy Where The Sidewalk Ends for Sookie. Because all of a sudden it was imperative that we accomplish that silly little goal that night. I was all teary telling Roar how I used to daydream of buying it for her someday.

Some dreams shouldn't have to wait 5 more minutes. You know those things you've wanted to do? Go do them. Life is now.


  1. Such a beautiful post! You're right there are some dreams and wishes that simply shouldn't have to wait. I can't wait to see the progress on your trailer, I am sure it must be such fun working on it.

  2. Love when things fall together like this :) Your camper, buying the book... all fabulous stuff! YAY!!

  3. Love this. So beautiful. And amazing pics:)

  4. I couldn't agree more...go after your dreams now instead of waiting until everything is exactly right! You'll probably never have as much time as you want, money as you think you need, etc...so just go for it now!