22 May 2014


Sometimes I receive letters from the NIH in envelopes marked "extremely urgent" with results from blood tests drawn five months ago. (Do you see the irony in this? Ha.) Sometimes I quit drinking Diet Coke for 2 weeks after a horrendous stomach bug, only to start it up again much more intense than before. Sometimes I get frustrated waiting on hold for 20 minutes when all I want to do is simply pay my student loan. Sometimes I feel like a mean mom when I take away nail polish from Sook and her friends and tell them princess tattoos will have to wait for another day because today is chaos to the max. (Even though yesterday she went tattoo wild with other friends.) Sometimes I let everything go and lay under clouds in my mom and dad's backyard and tell Sook the one close to the top of the mountain looks like a turtle. Sometimes I run and run and run and run (in my head) until I can't any longer. Sometimes I read things that shatter me. Sometimes I actually like doing the dishes. Sometimes family is the only thing that can save you. Sometimes music is all you need. Sometimes garlic naan is a fabulous idea. (Who am I kidding? Garlic naan is always a fabulous idea.) Sometimes I wonder if everyone is pretending they know how to be an adult and none of us really know what the heck this all is. Sometimes retail therapy actually works. Sometimes I cry at how precious a photo is of my grandpa when he was a baby. Sometimes I physically ache for Sookie to possess that same intense nostalgia from me. Sometimes you can start over. Sometimes you can heal very old wounds with love. Sometimes the sunrise is the magic within you. Sometimes putting sunglasses on a sweet doberman is all you need to have a great day. Sometimes donuts for breakfast is a must. Sometimes Adam Duritz will save your day with his awesomely amazingly adorably awkward interview on Seth Meyers. Sometimes a Danielle LaPorte truth bomb email quote will hit you square in the soul. Sometimes you wish you could hang out with Alice Hoffman for a week or two.

Sometimes you worry none of this life will ever make sense. Sometimes you realize that is okay, for life is a beautiful shitstorm.


  1. It's so good to hear that you are enjoying the small moments in life. The small moments are what makes life so great aren't they?

  2. Hmm, I'm guessing our beloved blogger would say that all small moments are BIG! ; )

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