03 December 2013

Joy Right Where You Are

This morning I was adding songs to a Christmas playlist I initially started last year. I titled it this is where you belong (at Christmas) in honor of the Hanson song. (wink) I laughed to myself as I wondered if Sookie would ever talk about remembering the songs I blasted from these years during these seasons. I imagined her telling a friend "Yes, my mom made these Christmas playlists and so many of my winter memories are tied to them. She had songs upon songs and more songs. You know the classics; Elvis, Frank Sinatra, Jackson 5, Hanson and Lady Gaga."

It feels foreign I don't have a set topic for today. Oh Blogember, I already miss you! Ha. My problem is that often when I don't have a predetermined prompt, I will babble about the most random things. For example? The other day Sookie told me I smelled like magic. She also wondered aloud on Thanksgiving, "Maybe they will have a big balloon of me in the parade?" Well of course honey girl, they should if they know what is good for ratings.

We hosted Thanksgiving at the same time celebrating our first in this house. Fabulous combination and now I know what things to do different for next time. I kid, I kid. It was a beautiful day of loved ones, yummy good, fun quote cards from Live Inspired, and goofy Thanksgiving mad libs.

Today I made extra effort to soak up the little blessings. Like a snowy morning and nowhere we absolutely needed to be. Apple cinnamon french toast. Bob Dylan Christmas songs. Sookie's insane bedhead. And our crazy Elf On The Shelf, FlowerElla, making elf angels in the flour. Tomorrow is a big CT scan to see what funky things this certain lymph node in my neck is doing. I'm a lucky lucky woman that Rory is going with me and will provide me with comedic relief.



  1. With the inspiration of your Blogember challenge I have continued the momentum by finding a miracle every day during the month of December and blogging about it. I know, a little far-fetched, but that's the point. I have found a miracle EVERY day - my miracles, I call them. Thank you for challenging me to write each day in November, and now with that forward motion I continue .. with a vengeance!