27 September 2013

Walk A Mile In Your Shoes

It snowed this morning. Which really isn't too unusual for this time of year in Utah, but it still felt so sudden and out of nowhere. Much like so many happenings in our world lately! Sookie was elated at the thought of building a snowman. ;) I had to explain that the snow most likely wouldn't stick. I cherish her excitement for Christmas and winter already because it is contagious and while so many are whining about the upcoming season, I embrace the fact I get to see it all through the magical eyes of a three year old. It was definitely chilly outside this afternoon when we were having adventures, but we had a wonderful day nonetheless. Lunch with my mom and dad and a super mini date with Rory when we (tried) to play pool while waiting for our food. I say tried because Sookie insisted she could do it too. Later, at my mom and dad's I picked fresh raspberries and watched Sookie herd the sheep with a stick. (Haha)

 glockets limited edition fall pearl necklace

Earlier this week held a rare afternoon nap for Sookie and with it an opportunity for me to snuggle up with her while combing over all the beautiful things we have going on in our lives. I find gratitude so heavy in the pauses lately. I found contentment resting in the quiet moments as I envisioned all these uphill climbs we have ahead of us in the next couple of months. Last week was positively insane with chaos and disappointments and changed plans. However, when all was said and done there were a few rays of sunshine that reminded me to smile and count my blessings. I quietly told myself how lucky we were Miss S didn't end up in the hospital (from a nasty case of croup) and that we were cozy, safe, and most importantly, together.

Fall is an intense time for me. Strong emotions coupled with powerful memories of highlights of my life always makes for inspiration and hope filling weighty moments in the air. It represents growth, new life, fresh chances, and lightning quick "I never want to kiss anyone else again" kind of love. My Make A Wish was in September of 2001 and the anniversary always propels me to daydream and reminisce about those (carefree) days of eating, sleeping, living and loving music.

September also marks the half year of when my sister died, this year will be 7 and a half years. My heart still doesn't quite comprehend it all, and I marvel at the fact I've been able to put one foot in front of the other on this excruciating journey of grief. I met Rory 7 years ago, my dad's birthday is in October as well as the anniversary of my kidney transplant. Some of my most vivid memories in those weeks after my transplant (besides the 45 minute drive to the hospital every other day for lab draws) were the abundance of Halloween decorations at my grandma's house. It is funny to me that ever since then, Halloween has reminded me of a second chance.

A few nights ago I put the finishing touches on my "This Is 30" playlist, thanks to Eva Cassidy and Kings of Leon. I can't get enough of Comeback Story from the new album. I freaking adore the fact they took a somewhat cliche quote and made a marvelous song out of it. I walk a mile in your shoes, now I'm a mile away and I've got your shooooooooes. My dad called that night to tell me to listen to Eva Cassidy's version of Over The Rainbow because it reminded him of me. He does that three or four times a week; calls or texts me song recommendations. I'm so lucky to have such a great dad.

How about you? What is going on in your world? What does fall look like in your heart?


  1. I love your spirit. Sometimes those that are faced with tough situations seem to appreciate life the most. (((((HUGS)))))

  2. Your whole blog resonates with a beautiful kind of hope in face of pain, trauma, and loss. It is a beautiful soliloquy of your soul...something that buoyants my heart. I am always humbled when I read stories of people who have overcome great pain and diseases. May God bless you, and keep you and your family safe in His will. I do not know if you are religious at all, and I am not trying to be overbearing, but I wanted to let you know that God loves you, and I hope you trust in Him.

    Your story will continue to inspire me for the rest of my life.