16 September 2013

Hello Truckloads Of Cheer

Hello Monday, hello possibility around every turn, hello sinking deeper into who I was meant to be.

Hello to the state fair and hours of fun. I was bursting with childlike joy while we were there, to the point I think it was annoying to Rory and my parents. The bright colors, the perfect weather (overcast but no rain), Sookie's excitement, and the one man band, all blended together into one wonderful whirlwind.

Hello to recognizing moments that you thought would always remain a distant daydream in your mind. Only to realize the power that lies with believing something into fruition. 

Hello to fresh fall routines mixed beautifully with nostalgic traditions, expanding our social circles, and striving to open our hearts a tiny bit more with each sunrise.

Hello to attempting new things, to repeating mantras to yourself, to scaring and surprising yourself in the best, most marvelous ways possible.

Hello to this genius idea from Ink'd Designs. Monthly print packs to help you organize and live a more awesome life! September's Print Pack includes a calendar, 8 x 10 print, birthday card, goal setting sheet, baby shower invite, grocery list, gift tags and a weekly to do list as well as a daily to do list. Amy is a killer graphic design artist and her blog is one of my new favorites. 

(Hello Monday posts are inspired by Lisa Leonard's Hello Monday series.)


  1. Hello to you! Just seeing this...you know, 5 days later. BTW, laughing at you McDonald's comment! The only reason we 'happen' to get stuck at McDonald's every.single.time. is because Scot insists they have the best fountain Coke. And I know...it's true. He supplied my Diet Coke while I chased down a sandwich. ha!

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