13 September 2013

My Life Is Awesome. So Is Yours.

Earlier this week I saw my favorite doctor to have my TSH (thyroid levels) checked. I've been on some form of thyroid medication since I was 10 years old; even prior to my kidney transplant. It is such a normal part of my life I don't even think twice about it anymore. The only time it has ever scared me was when I was pregnant with Miss S and we couldn't get the levels to balance at all. Anyway, after I saw my favorite doctor on Wednesday, the phlebotomist asked me if I have ever had my blood drawn before. Ahahaha! I believe my response was "This is probably the millionth time and I'm not even exaggerating." I was slightly surprised that my scarred veins weren't an instant giveaway. Later that afternoon it was ballet time. Second class and I still cried and smiled a big goofy grin the whole time. I can't help it. Pure bliss evaporates from every pore in my body when I get to watch our girl twirl into her own little world.

We've been embracing every little bit of wonderfulness that the world holds this week. And the big beautiful cannot be contained types of things too. I made a conscious effort to spend time with loved ones and new friends. To quote my gal Brandi Carlile, time isn't money, it's only a lie because everything lost can be found but your time. My unpredictable, people loving introvert of a heart is content and full tonight. The house? A mess. And yet I don't really care. I'm good with it. I'm finally realizing I cannot be on top of everything. It is miles beyond better to enjoy where you are and truly be present in the moment, happy with where you focus is and where your heart beats loudest. People are so much more important than anything else in life. We've crafted memories out of thin air these past several days and it feels divine.

Sookie: (tracing my transplant scar) "What is this?"
Me: "It is where they put Grrmomma's kidney in my tummy."
Sookie: "How dey do dat?"
Me: "They made an opening in my tummy, hooked up the kidney, and then they closed the opening."
Sookie: "Oh! Okay!" 

(Child Life Specialist skills come in handy when explaining a kidney transplant to your own daughter. Wink.)

She is a tender hearted evil genius. The other day she was playing with my dad and told him to "go find some candy so we can play trick or treats."

Sookie: "I need to tell that girl to get down."
Me: "We can't worry about if other people are making bad choices, we need to focus on what choices we are making."
BAM. I love it when parenting reminds me what things I need to work on too. 

A few nights ago a woman came over to buy a headboard from us. Upon seeing Sookie she said, "Oh, you are so lucky to have a girl! I have 4 boys." It reminded me how significant perspective is; this woman had no idea the triumph behind Sookie's existence, what odds she conquered when she was born. The grass seemed greener on my side to this woman and I didn't have the guts to congratulate her on her unique blessings. Water your own grass and make it greener. Savor what you have. It is crucial to cherish your own story.

My life is awesome. So is yours. Own it.


  1. I've had a very bad week and i'm normally "annoyingly optimistic" as my friends say! but today I woke up feeling good again, so I'm owning it again and appreciating all the little, happy things

  2. This is such a lovely post especially this - "We've crafted memories out of thin air these past several days and it feels divine." Those are often the best memories, when we are present and able to enjoy that present moment and recognized how awesome our lives really are. Visiting from SITS!

  3. "Water your own grass and make it greener" -- that is so beautiful and wise. We truly don't know what struggles others have had and it is so easy to always believe others have it easier or better than we do (when they probably don't!). Beautiful post!

  4. "Water your own grass and make it greener" - I love this! Perspective is everything and we so often forget. Thank you for this reminder.

  5. I love the perspective about accepting what you are in life and the ones who travel with you. I just said something like that on another blog. We had three girls and love our family even though we started out thinking we would have two boys and two girls. Thanks for the post. Enjoy Sharefest.

  6. What a beautiful post. I love this line: "It is crucial to cherish your own story." It's probably my favorite quote in a very long time. Amen to that.

    Happy Sharefest.

  7. This has been a week for reminders like this. Just this week I've had 3 people around me who have lost loved ones suddenly and unexpectedly. It feels like the universe is trying to remind me that life is short and unpredictable.

  8. Hello, i´am here for the first time on your blog !

    Absolutely nice Story....and the photos ... Just great !

    Greetings from Germany

  9. Your story is amazing, I visit your blog randomly when I am stuck in a rut... you posting this today to FB was divine intervention for me... thanks.