30 January 2012

pete the cat

refuge and reinvigorating moments can come in the most unlikely of places. for me, it was last night on a sunday trip to target, with the older country station on sirius (billy ray cyrus baby! you know you love the mullet!) and nirvana to keep me on my toes. after the past whirlwind of the last week and a half or so, doctors, hospitals, blood draws, ivs, MRIs (okay only one), tests, etc. i feel like a criminal just slowing down, breathing, being, and enjoying being a momma. last night as the dryer rumbled and the stove timer went beeping and i juggled everything with my girl on my hip, it was a blanket of contentment and gratitude so powerful i wanted to fall down to my knees in thanks. oh thank you for the luxury of having normal stresses for just one day.

i am humbled at the support from this post about my life with cystinosis. it was a gut wrenching post to write and even more difficult to hit publish. although i do it often, it is not easy to put your heart out there for everyone to see. but i believe with honesty comes awareness, with awareness comes more fundraising, and more fundraising brings more research. we have raised $1,135 so far in honor of Sookie turning two on wednesday. you all have me crying tears of joy. so thank you. a million thank yous. keep sharing the causes page and the blog post. together we are moving mountains for this small community, it is not a lie that every little bit helps. there WILL be fierce change coming about.

books that carry a strong and universal message always get me square in the heart and gut. wednesday was the first day in a week that i didn't have to be at the hospital or the doctor. we (roar, sook, and my momma, my dad had to go out of town on business) participated in the emerging adulthood cystinosis project and it was a good day afternoon of talking about the big stuff, chit chatting about the little things, and laughing at anything and everything in between. my friend maya (who is a fabulous social worker in new york and who is conducting the study) gifted this simple, yet remarkable book to little miss sookie.

pete is a cool cat who is so in love with his white shoes that he struts around singing about how much he loves them. then, through a series of mishaps, his shoes change colors. does pete get upset? no. heavens no. he picks himself up, dusts the dirt off his shoulders, and not only embraces his newest color of shoes, but learns to love them.

simple words, big concept. love your white shoes, if they happen to turn red one day, love them too. love them when they are green, purple, yellow. and if you happen to find yourself without any shoes someday? thank God, the universe, the stars and the oceans that you ever had the experience. live out each moment you are blessed to have with each color along the way. the beauty of the journey is the adventure each different color of the rainbow holds for you.

(corny? yes.) oh well.
that's how we roll around here. ;)


  1. I love Pete the Cat! :)
    During treatment today I was reading a magazine article about a child with cystinosis, and I thought of you. :)

  2. Just saw this, Tahnie (only 4 months late!). I thought it would be a book that would fit just right! PS - there's a book two - Pete goes to school!

  3. I love the message of this book. Thanks for sharing it in the Kid Lit Blog Hop. I've also taken some time to explore your blog and was so touched by your story. I've shared information about your fundraising with my Twitter followers. Best wishes! xx

  4. Beautiful message :) Thank you for sharing!