24 January 2012

being shocked through needles & #13 in the app store

i embrace the paradox of motherhood that even when you dig into the vast oceans of your vocabulary, you can't find one single word to comfort yourself, but the smallest touch is enough to calm and soothe the little being that grew inside of you. it is such a precious phenomenon. and it never ends; my momma can always make sense of my messy emotions even when she can't stop worrying herself. (love you momma!)

have you ever wondered what it feels like to be stuck with needles (okay, they weren't very big, but they were needles nonetheless and even after all these years, i still don't get along well with said devices!) then shocked through previously mentioned needles? this sensation filled test is called an EMG and is yet another one i get to tuck under my belt of medical experiences. oh well my chickadees, it was quite a treat! i left the doctor's office with tiny pen dots all over my arms and hands, a few blood spots, and an appointment for a MRI on tuesday. the perfect way to celebrate friday, right? ;)

i was grateful for this appointment though. i've been waiting to see this particular neurologist for two months now. it is all gravy. & i feel answers within my grasp.

this is how i celebrated when that exhilarating adventure was over.

a green machine naked juice and a mini donut! I live life on the wild side friends.

the rest of the weekend was quiet and good. dinner out with some of my favorite people, rory and I working as a team in the ever evolving challenge of dining out with a toddler. succulent sweet potatoes with walnuts and lots of laughter about memories made and memories that are waiting for us. saturday was rainy, we grabbed a quick sandwich at subway and i quietly celebrated that i was able to eat BREAD and MEAT, together. (two things someone told me not to eat anymore because of swallowing issues. but these two things are marvelous, thus I will continue to eat them.) if you know me, you know i am a rule breaker like that.

we popped on over to the bistro/boutique where we are having Sookie's 2nd birthday party. Daddy had not been there and I wanted to show it off to him.

it felt invigorating to be out and about, giving myself freedom from worry.

rory's app he created, tattoo you, has been climbing the top free entertainment charts in the app store. it was #51 on Friday and today is hovering between #13 and #14.

yes, that is us above talking tom cat! we are doing happy jumping jacks around here! something really big is coming to this app too. I will share when I can!

i'm off to have my MRI this winter wonderland of a day. after i posted a facebook status update that if i do have a brain tumor, i think it will be in the shape of a sour patch kid, my friend vee thinks it will be in the shape of a manolo blahnik. ;)

happy tuesday sweet friends!


  1. Mmm, the mini donut looks good! :)

    I couldn't imagine being shocked by tiny needles - that must be the strangest feeling ever! o.O

  2. Oh no, the dreaded EMG. I am unfortunately the Queen of EMGs and nerve conduction tests. In fact, I suspect that at my appointment later today, I'll be told it's time for a new one. There is no way around them -- they absolutely suck, and there's really no way to make them not suck. No drug or anything else really helps, because it's nerve pain.

    I'm not sure what your injury is, but if you need someone to talk to who "gets" nerve injuries & nerve pains, I'm around. I'm the proud new owner of a spinal cord stimulator also, and (when it works) it's awesome!

    DISCLAIMER -- It doesn't work due to a fall. Nothing that's the fault of the SCS.

    I hope you get your answers soon. Good luck at the MRI!

    1. Shari, I'm so sorry you are the queen of EMGs. They feel crazy, don't they? I don't have an injury but have been having issues and pain in my hands and arms for a few months now and attempting to solve the mystery behind it! Cystinosis can cause nerve complications so I wanted to be on top of it. My results came back great! Grateful for fabulous medical care but frustrated I can't seem to find answers.

      Big hugs to you girl! Thank you for offering your ear. ;)