19 January 2012

I am woman, hear me roar

It is a mismatched pajama and mismatched sock kind of night. A hippo shirt with pony pants kind of night. A dancing in the driveway in this glorious (& highly uncharacteristic for Utah) January rain kind of night. Earlier we ventured out in this gorgeous wet darkness to meet Daddy and cousin K for dinner at our brand spankin' new Buffalo Wild Wings.

It was a little loud. Ha! Mother of the year right here, I kind of completely ignored the fact it is a sports bar after all and thought, "Oh, Sookie will LOOOOVE it. Totally kid friendly." I have to hand it to her though, girlfriend did wonderfully considering she was exhausted, the volume her ears were up against, and the fact Rory and I had to take turns making sure she wasn't going to fall off the barstools to crack her head open. Lesson learned: Buffalo Wild Wings? Delicious wings. Nearly as magical as Casa Bonita (did I ever blog about when we went to Casa Bonita in Colorado? Yes. It is as splendid as South Park portrays it to be! No lie. Food? Enh. Atmosphere? Way.too.much.fun. More on that another time.) Not the best place to take Miss Sook. ;)

I've had a gnarly migraine headache for about seven days now. The back of my head pounds and pounds. It feels utterly ridiculous, but Rory gave me a hug in the kitchen this morning and holy $&;@")(;: I'm quite certain he handed all of his positivity and zest for life over to me through cosmic squeezes, so I should be good!

If not, the neurologist I've been waiting two months to get into is finally going to see me on Friday, so that's wonderful!

There have been many, many, many late work nights for R lately. It has been tough, but...I am Tahnie, hear me roar. I am woman, hear me roar. I am momma hear me roar. I can do this. I got this. It is all worth it. ♥

There are so many things I'm excited for right now, things that pump my blood at the rate of a hummingbirds wings and fill my steps with glitter and sunshine: Sundance, our girl turning two in two weeks, participating in the Cystinosis emerging adulthood study, Valentine's day. The older I get, the more I realize there is always something to celebrate, and that my friends? Is a beautiful thing.


  1. Booooo, I hope your hideous migraine goes away soon! :/

  2. Thank you Holly! Having an MRI on Tuesday to see what is happening!