15 July 2010

Brain Fog and Cribs

Lately I have the feeling none of this is real. I've watched friends and family members venture through the adventure of pregnancy and have their children, and now that it is a reality for us, I still feel like I am in someone else's life. For example, the other day I noticed a blanket, a few toys and a boppy pillow in our front room. I did a double take. It made me laugh because things such as those should no longer feel out of the ordinary in my life, especially considering all the years I spent as a nanny. However, for some reason, the moment felt so foreign and I had to chuckle to myself. I can blame it on extreme fatigue or what I like to call Mommy brain fog; and I thought pregnancy brain was bad. Mommy brain fog is a result of multiple factors that consist of, but are not limited to, constantly wondering if you are doing enough for your child, worrying about SIDS, thinking about teething, sold foods, the pros and cons of vaccines, making 8 bottles a day and still trying to learn that you can't beat yourself forever about not being able to breastfeed, going to bed every night with a million things still left on your to do list, but telling yourself it is okay, you will get it all done tomorrow.

My sweet, hilarious little munchkin is nearly 6 months old and yet I am continually getting used to carrying a giant bag of diapers out to the trash (yes, yes I know I need to switch to cloth or the g-diapers), gently handling a freakishly slippery child straight out of the bath, and mastering the oh so delicate art of perfecting the process of packing a diaper bag, among many other things.

It is strange how you want something to happen for so long and then when it surprisingly does very unexpectedly, it takes forever and a day to truly sink in.

We finally bought a crib the other day. I could not believe how weird the sales people acted when we said we wanted a black crib, and that our babe was indeed already here, and five (and a half) months old. Yes, she has been sleeping in our bedroom, either in her co-sleeper (best.purchase.ever), her swing, or our bed on top of me. I firmly believe in the benefits of having your baby sleep in your bed with you once in a while, with careful consideration for many factors. In addition, my heart thinks you should cuddle while you can. You blink and they've hit another milestone.

If you ask R about the crib shopping experience he will have a completely different take on the story. So, I might have just been grumpy, hormonal, and incredibly hot. ;)

So, I suppose the the point of this is, I often become extremely frustrated with people I have to deal with in public, and R thinks I over analyze every tiny interaction. Which is most likely true...I am a woman. A woman who is a Leo. A redheaded woman who is a Leo...okay you get the idea. But! I am excited the crib has finally been purchased, should be here soon and yes indeed is black, for our little rock princess.


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