15 December 2014

Hello Monday: This Whole Town Has Swallowed Some Magic

Joining up with Lisa Leonard again this week for the Hello Monday blog prompt! I love this series and the bold inspiration behind beginning each week with crisp motivation and hope.

Hello Monday!

Hello to childhood and Sookie requesting to wear her swimsuit in the bath tub. I responded with, "Why not?"

Hello to a girl and her kitty.

Hello to being 31 years old and still getting excited about bacon and eggs in the morning. And coffee! Always coffee.

Hello to new ideas and fresh creative outlets. I'm grateful for the vast opportunities to express myself. Even if that sounds super corny.

Hello gummy bears driving toy cars. Her world is magnificient and her imagination is stellar beyond words.

Hello to the new routine of playing at the park for a few minute before school starts.

Hello to crying over a light up Frozen journal at Target. Because it was simply one of those moments were life, beautiful, crazy, miraculous life rushed in on you and you are overwhelmed with gratitude to be standing at Target on a Sunday night doing Christmas shopping.

Hello to my beautiful and brave friend Ashley Hackshaw aka Lil Blue Boo wearing her today is a miracle tee. She posted a poem along with this photo and it absolutely floored me. Goosebumps were rampant.

Hello to Christmas music being played nonstop around here. My favorites today consisted of the Sugarland creation, Gold And Green, and a classic that reminds me of my childhood, Alabama's Christmas. Thistle Hair The Christmas Bear? Oh it tugs on the heartstrings every single time.


  1. Beautiful post. You know you're doing something right (lots of things right) when you have those 'Frozen journal' moments....

  2. Aw, such a fun post! Lots of memories being made during such a magical time of year :)