11 December 2014

Christmas Magic And Happy Tears

On Tuesday, the happy tears came often. It was a family day of fun filled Christmas memories. I will never forget an ounce of it. I cherish the days when we can simply be together and the rest of the world fades into the background. These times are rare and much needed as the chaos of the holiday has us all hustling with gLockets orders and now this year, tee and tote orders. I'm grateful for the opportunity to navigate the balance these adventures require! The sight of Sookie watching with glee as Rory dressed up as Santa for a fun photo shoot? Priceless. Cue tears. I love the idea behind Fotofly Santa. Parents can dress up as Santa to prevent stranger anxiety. I knew Sookie would be fine with the real Santa, but a Daddy Santa added that extra bit of sentimental that I was craving. Downright brilliant. If you are in the Utah area I definitely recommend it!

Our girl giggling as she was petting reindeer? The sweetest. Her school Christmas program was that afternoon. She stole the show, of course. Complete with dance movements and knowing every single word of the four songs her class performed. The encore was This Is My Wish by Jordin Sparks and I could not hold the tears back. A group of 3, 4, and 5 year olds singing This is my wish, my wish for the world, that peace would find it's way to every boy and girl. This is the time, the time for harmony, let love be the song that everybody sings. 

Making sure her childhood is filled with whimsy is oh so important to us. With everything we've been through to get here, every laugh out of her sweet mouth feels like a celebration. Every morning since our elf, Flower Ella arrived, she's up early ready to go on a treasure hunt for that silly creature. So far we have found Flower Ella sitting on a chair made of legos, bathing in a giant bowl of gummy butterflies and jelly beans, and going for a ride down the stairs in a roll of toilet paper. I want her to carry that spark with her every single day, and well into adulthood. To see that magic lives within all of us and when we are in tune with it and share it? That is how the really good stuff happens.

I've been looking back at this past year and thinking about how far I have come in my own personal journey...and how far I still have to go. The triumphs will fuel me to continue forward into 2015. Last year at this time I was nervous for a CT scan at a cancer speciality hospital here, and after the tough times of last fall, I simply wanted them to say everything looked normal. And it did. I've had that cancer scare so many times already, because of my exciting health adventures it is always something I'm more at risk for, but it doesn't get easier. I'm beyond grateful this year did not include a lymphoma diagnosis. How's that for incredible?!

This girl is healthy and happy! She's such a miracle and it makes my heart burst wide open.


  1. so special. I love your photos. She is so beautiful!