20 July 2014

The Shocking Beauty Of The Right Now No. 2

Last summer I wrote a post about all the details that were filled to the brim with shocking beauty. I decided to do it again tonight to remind me everything building little and big memories in the middle of all of this, right now.

Monday adventures to start off last week, just the three of us; complete with electric blue dragonflies soaring through fiery red wildflowers, while tiny green grasshoppers jumped about. My two loves fishing side by side. Sookie's pterodactyl impersonation echoing throughout the mountainside, breaking the tranquility of quiet nature and surely scaring the fish.

Making brunch for my momma and my girl, after a special sleepover. Killer french toast, coconut oil and honey are two of my favorite things to put in it.

After a frustrating day yesterday, redirecting our energy to letting loose in the backyard. Chasing Sookie chasing Jack, who happened to be chasing a giant green ball. Four year old sing song laughter floating through the air. Thinking to myself over and over, I love this.

Watching Chitty Chitty Bang Bang together as a family for the first time in the extra bedroom while our bedroom was in pieces in preparation for new carpet.

What details are filled with shocking beauty in your world right now?


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