07 July 2014

Hello Monday: Root Beer, Glampers, & Kittens. Oh My!

This post was inspired by Lisa Leonard's series, Hello Monday. I love the idea behind it all, saying hello to a fresh week with optimism, bravery, and gusto. Thanks Lisa, I appreciate the motivation more than you know!

Hello planting (even more!) flowers in our front yard and attempting to balance the empty flower pots on our heads afterward.

Hello taking a deep breath after a crazy, fun filled 4th of July weekend! We jam packed it full of parades, waffles, smiles, barbecues, family, fireworks, and fun.

Hello marvelous mail day with goodies from two of my favorite shops, Olive Lane and Oh Sweet Joy. Pom pom shorts? I'm obsessed. They are perfect for throwing over a swimsuit for pool or splash pad days. Also, can I praise the genius that is the splash pad? Love them!

Hello getting better each day at helping my body handle this heat! Father's day weekend it was actually chilly here, and now we are back up into the high 90's, low 100's temperature wise. It can be an obstacle to make it to everything in the summer when my body has such a difficult time tolerating the heat. 

Hello glamper progress! Rory is a rockstar at this and meticulous with every last detail. I can't wait until it is all done! We thought we were close to completing this fun project, and then we started working on the back corner closet and all the wood was rotted. Such a bummer to extend finishing this up, but the joy is in the journey, right? 

Hello to family adventures. Just the three of us. In our own little world, where we are untouchable and the memories are bold and forever.

Hello to rediscovering the deliciousness of tea. 

Hello to my summer uniform; maxi skirt, gold glitter sandals from Target, tank, and a gLocket of some shape. Use code HAPPYGIRL for 20% off! 

Hello to my newest addiction; root beer from Starbucks. Run, don't walk. So unbelievably good!

Hello to summer afternoons at Poppa and Grrrmomma's house. Sidewalk chalk on the patio, cherries, and her pink tricycle that was mine when I was a little girl. Lots of the time is spent playing with the kittens, two of which came to live with us last week. It is fun new antics all around and an adjustment period, especially for Jack, our dachshund. Haha.

What are you saying hello to this week? I would love to hear it!


  1. what a beautiful little subject for photos! I could take pictures of her all day- hair jealousy.
    Marie @ In Our Happy Place