25 June 2014

Amaze Yourself

I decided a little while ago to start living the life I wanted. A fantastically crazy concept, right? As simple (and as complicated) as that. Of course there are pieces I can't erase, but I'm venturing into new territory in my last few months as a thirty year old. We are all constantly evolving, learning, reaching, stretching, aching, chasing, and challenging. And the best part of all that? We are under no obligation to be the person we were five minutes ago. We might stumble and apologize for the falter in our steps, and in the same breath can take in the courage to attempt again. To showcase our authentic self and the truth we crave. To put forth the love and light hiding in every last corner of ourselves.

Today I went to our little neighborhood playgroup with Sookie, then on a lunch date with her to Chipotle. After that we headed to the new Whole Foods that recently opened somewhat close to our house. On the drive back home, I noticed her tired but content soft smile and the way it was plastered on her face, with the beauty of a good afternoon. I snuggled on the couch with her and she held my hand. She helped me prepare the asparagus we roasted for dinner, giggling as she licked her fingers covered in olive oil, garlic, and lemon. We grilled burgers outside when Rory came home. A very simple and basic day, but along the way I made the little choices to bring my joy up.

And that? The ability to choose, even on the most ordinary days? The power in that is pure magic. There are several aspects of my life that look like I've dreamed them for a long time now. I'm getting better each day at realizing my own control in creating what I want. It can be terrifying though, owning your reality. The beauty in that is wanting everything your little heart desires, and knowing you have it all within you to actually get there.