24 February 2014

Hello Monday: In With The New

This post was inspired by Lisa Leonard's series, Hello Monday. I love the idea behind it all, saying hello to a fresh week with optimism, bravery, and gusto. Thanks Lisa!

Hello painting! We were both over the pea green colors of the walls in out front room, so we painted them a light gray yesterday. It dried more blue than we were anticipating so we might redo it, but ah...fresh paint!

Hello to new songs by one of my favorite female artists, Katie Herzig. Her single Walk Through Walls came out last week and I've been listening to repeat on Spotify.

Hello to fresh books from my favorite author, Alice Hoffman. The Museum of Extraordinary Things is a world I want to escape in!

Hello to Rare Disease Day which is this Friday! I'm celebrating by holding an auction on my instagram account with all proceeds going to the Cystinosis Research Network. Muscle wasting is a huge obstacle of Cystinosis, particularly in the hands and esophagus. As of right now, there is no treatment for it; which can be incredibly heartbreaking. I know I will see massive leaps forward in my lifetime and best of all? I know I can help propel research forward by holding fundraisers like this one. Pssst. There will be a gorgeous bracelet from The Shine Project up for auction! I can't wait!

Hello exercising my brain. I'm taking an online (and free!) Introduction to Clinical Neurology class. For Fun. Because I can. Because this is one of the magic years of my life. Because I am only limited by the barriers I make for myself. Because I'm done being in my own way. Because this world in a giant pool of knowledge and I don't ever want to stop learning. Because I'm curious. Because I kind of love the crap out of everything.

Leave your hellos in the comments! What are you saying hello to this last week of February 2014?