11 February 2014

7 DIY Valentine's Crafts

I can't believe the Oh Happy Love day (what I like to call it, ha!) is this Friday! Here are some thrifty, easy, and heartfelt ideas I wanted to share today. And of course, if you know me at all, there is glitter included. ;)

This Valentine's Paper Heart Mobile from We Know Stuff is simple and darling. Two of my favorite things. I adore the fact this is one I could easily do with Sookie. She is turning into quite the little crafter these days.

This love bomb from No Time For Flashcards looks like so much fun! Confession: it also looks like it might be addicting to make them as well. Is there anything in life better than the sweet mixture of confetti and laughter?

These DIY glitter mason jar vases from Little Miss Momma are utterly fabulous. Glitter and daisies? A winning combination of two of my favorite things ever.

This DIY valentine's photo puzzle from All The Memories is the sweetest thing! A simple, personalized and thrifty gift too. Don't tell Sookie, but I might be making this for her for one of her fun surprises on Love Day. She is obsessed with puzzles lately!

Arrow cupcake toppers from sew.craft.create are sure to be a huge hit for any Valentine party you might be having later this week! Arrows seem to be everywhere lately and I don't mind at all. They inspire me for some reason!

Why not make this DIY glittery block Valentine puzzle for your mom and add a little sparkle into her life? I'm sure she would love it!

We wanted to find a creative way to give back to our gLocket customers this Valentine's, so Rory created this free DIY gift box. Get yours right HERE, print out on some heavy card stock, cut out, fold together and ta da! You have yourself a wonderful little box for trinkets!

What are some of your favorite Valentine's DIY ideas you have seen this year? I would love to see your favorites! :)


  1. what a great collection of crafts! I'm afraid I don't have any to share, but looking at these makes me think perhaps I could try something. Thanks for the post!

  2. Fun stuff! I used to put heart confetti in my cards to my husband and when he would open them up, it was like a love bomb exploded all over where he was sitting. Messy but fun.

    Trish in North Carolina
    {Surfing in from SITS comment luv}

  3. oh so fun crafty items..from a fellow crafter #sits

  4. Visiting from SITS and I too love to make things and Valentines Day is my favorite! Cute ideas!

  5. these all rock! i think the heart mobile is my favorite! how cute! love love love your blog! so happy to have stumbled across it! and i'm your newest follower hey-o!

    xo, Kelsey Belle || Happie Reading Blog

  6. I have found you through SITS bloggers and I am loving your site...your projects are perfect for both my daughter and I to do :)

  7. I like the mason jars. So cute! I've been using some in my kitchen to organize/decorate. That's a nice way to dress them up. #SiTSblogging