31 October 2013

Be Here Now

This made me laugh when I saw it earlier today. My passion for being an organ donation advocate grows in leaps and bounds by the day lately. I know it is because I watch so many in the cystinosis community go through such challenging times while waiting for a kidney match. It is never lost on me what an absolute miracle it was that my mom matched me. 

This week has been an absolute and genuine ride to say the very least. I'll elaborate more on that soon, but for right now so much is up in the air. I feel like the universe is driving it into my head that sometimes there are no answers and if you can make peace with that, you can do anything. Authentic gratitude hit me square in the heart tonight. The kind that is so bold and real that it knocks the breath out of you.

Happy Halloween! I hope you made some beautiful memories today!

Can't wait for the blog every day in November challenge tomorrow! Come join us and link up in the morning.