09 May 2013

a moment.

Today's prompt for the blog every day in may challenge is a moment in your day. The above photo is from a few days ago. I was sitting out in the backyard with little miss S after enjoying a delicious picnic under the shade of our new trees. (Everything to do with this house is still new to me and I love it!) I felt randomly inspired to spell words with the flowers for a little learning opportunity for our girl, and a creative outlet for me. There has been so much heartbreak around people dear to me these past few months, I want to choose love every single day and remember that love does things. It moves mountains and hugs someone and cries with them when there is simply nothing else to be done. I want to continue to walk in love, even when it is uncomfortable and challenging and not always the easiest choice to go with. It is so true that whatever obstacles you are facing in life you can always choose to...throw more love at it.