04 January 2013

one little word 2013

well, hello there.
i've missed this space.
let's jump right back in, shall we?

with the exploding popularity of it, i'm sure you have heard of the ali edwards one little word challenge.
i'm in love with this fresh take on new year's resolutions and how focusing on a single tiny word can take you to the most beautiful of places throughout this next year.

my word for 2013?
my one little word that i want to hold close this year and aim for in every moment?


most of all, i want to connect with each moment i am given, to the point every inch of myself is absorbed in what is happening right in front of me. if the minute is good or bad, to be in it  and learn from it. whether i am playing roaring dinosaurs with a redheaded spitfire, doing laundry of pinks and purples and sparkles, or at the hospital on the way to yet another doctor appointment, modeling choosing to find fun by jumping in the elevator with my hand strongly clasped to my girl's.

to connect with my wondrous body who has been through so much in its existence of 29 years. to be at peace with the deterioration of it, but to celebrate everything it can still do and embrace the fact many things could be a lot worse at this point in my cystinosis journey. to feel that magic of connection with nature every chance i get, to be one with the lady bugs and blades of grass and the mountains and the sky. (hello hippie moment, yay for connecting with my crunch side!) connect with music in a way that refreshes my soul and sparks me into brand new places. go beyond my comfort zone to find common ground with strangers and click on a piece of the puzzle as small as a shared smile in the midst of this chaotic life or on the other end of the spectrum, something as grand as a new lifelong friendship because i chose to be open to it.

to connect with my little family within meaningful moments, there was definitely a lot of that in 2012 and i do pride myself in making a conscious effort of that. i'll be greedy this year and strive toward more of that. you can bet i want to make the most of what we have, while we have it. connection can be scary; when you put yourself out there and share little bits of your life, whether it be in in person in real time with new friends, or over social media through your words that can easily be misinterpreted as a result of many factors. truly connecting requires vulnerability and an authentic, naked heart is a huge risk. one that you have to own, in all of it's messy beauty.

to ask myself every day, how can i seek out connection today? spark that desire to motivate and fuel the fire of discovering, learning, and at the utmost, growing.

do you have one little word for 2013? i would love to hear about it, what it means to you, your goals, your choices and your life! 


  1. Long time reader! First time commenting! I love this! I found it via MamaKats writing prompt this week... and also chose a word! http://www.smiffbib.com/2013/01/03/1245/

  2. First time reader, and I'm wow'd! Greatest post I've read all day. Your feelings are beautifully described. So glad I have stumbled across your site. I'll be back most definitely.

  3. Loving your blog dear! What about following each other? Also on bloglovin and fb if you want...just let me know :3 <3


  4. Oh I LOVE the idea of resolutions in just one word. You are so eloquent with describing the word connect. Time goes by SO quickly these days, it's easy to let it all just float by.
    Pretty sure my word is organize. Not as introspective as connect, but definitely much needed for 2013.
    Happy New Year to you!


  5. I love the idea of summing up your resolutions with one word, it's a great way of creating a focus for the year. Connect is such an amazing word too, with so many ways you can implement it in your life. Happy New Year xo

  6. My main goal for 2013 is to be sure that I don't neglect my health as much as in 2012. Other than that, I would like to try and say yes to every new opportunity that presents itself in front of me. I usually say no because of fear or because I'm shy but this year I'll try and change that. Hugs and kisses!
    Love, Andreea!

  7. what a powerful word for you! blessings on your year!

  8. What a great word for your year! I wish you and your family the very best for 2013 :) It's lovely to meet you

  9. I love it! My word this year was intentional. Stopping by from SITS- so glad to have found you.

  10. What a wonderful word! So glad to have found you through SITS! You are a wonderful writer.

  11. New Follower!! Found you through Caseys linkup! Love your blog.. and when you have time hop over to my blog kjaggers.com and if you like what you see.. follow back! Happy New Year!!

  12. I like that you said you want "to connect with my little family within meaningful moments" that is so fun! I want to connect more with my family too. Thanks for sharing.

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