19 March 2012

I'm With You Kid

today is a good day! i'm really ecstatic to be a part of the gathered thoughts link up over at lovefeast table! the idea is based on the 365 gathered thought box that is a collections of quotations to get your heart and soul moving and grooving, to pour that inspiration into your art, whichever form that may take. 

my quote prompt:

life loves to be taken by the lapel and told: 
i'm with you kid, let's go. 
- maya angelou

can i tell you a secret?

i can be really fun when i let my hair down. i'm a goofball when i let my wavy strawberry blond mane dance in the wind.

*and i do that, believe it or not. i know i have a tendency to be serious here all the time, and i think it is something i want to change. r mentioned something to me a few days ago about showing my fun side once in awhile. i love this idea! :p

i've slept on the garbage scattered glitter laden, cockroach inhabited streets of new york to get a good vantage point to a concert, for which i already procured tickets. more than once.

i've been in the midst of possessed soccer fans celebrating a win on the streets of the champs-elysées in paris in plain old fashion rioting behaviors. this innocent little utah girl simply wanted to visit sephora for the 5th time in three days. 

once? i even arranged green sour patch kids into the shape of a peace sign in a grocery store parking lot. true story. ;)

the idea of grabbing life by the lapel and chanting excitedly, i'm with you kid, let's go. it mimics my life. this road i'm on is nothing what i ever thought. when you challenge your dreams, they have a fantastic, magical, unbelievable way of rising up to meet you, right on the cusp of beaming brilliance. it all mingles together to create this wonderland of someplace dreamy, rose tinted glasses and unicorns scattered throughout.

the funny thing is, when you dare to truly live? when you make that conscience effort? that intentional move to fill the moments with 100% potent purpose? life sings her sweet song, laughs belly shaking glee, turns to you and says "you have no idea how beautiful this is going to be."


  1. The fullness of your life came through this post. It IS so important to grab it by the lapel and hold on to it and grab the most out of it! Thank you for sharing and for joining us at the table. We like your company!
    ~Chris Ann & Kristin

  2. What a quote. I'm just now cruising over here to your space (you left some kind words on mine a week or so ago) and wow! So much to take in. I can see I need to click through some of your old posts to catch up on what all goes on here :)

  3. As moms we tend to be serious. I'm not sure what it is, but being crazy fun seems like an invitation for criticism and judgement. I've recently decided that yes, I'm responsible adult now. But you know what? I'm also only 25 and I would like to enjoy my life. Thanks. :) Here's to more fun!

  4. Love this, showing the fun side more often. I need to do that too - so life can sing her sweet song. Nice to meet you through Gathered Thoughts link up.

  5. Thanks for stoppin' by my blog and for your sweet comment. You have a truly beautiful space here. I am LOVING the photography so much. I am happily following you back now.:)

  6. I LOVE this! And love this outlook on life.

    New follower also!


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  8. Sorry! Typo, it's late :) Love this post and your daughter is darling! So glad you found us, we are following you back! xo

  9. Found your blog via the Blog Hop. I’m your newest GFC follower!

  10. I always enjoy reading your posts. They are beautiful; as are you and your family. Always praying.

  11. cute post! i love it!

  12. Loved this post, full of beautiful words and inspirition. Great quote too!

  13. Cute pics and wonderful post. Thanks for sharing. I am a new follower. I'd like to invite you to my blog sometime, too! www.bearrabbitbear.com