23 March 2012

Crowley Party Giveaway!

This weekend is going to be amazing! I know this because it is kicking off with something as spectacular as this incredible giveaway! I'm super excited to have Alycia from Crowley Party doing a wonderful giveaway to you insanely beautiful people who support and read this blog. Alycia is such a gem! Thanks girl!



Hey guys! I am so happy to be over here today :) and am excited to offer all you bloggers, shop owners, social media gurus, you get the idea? a little treat!

My name is Alycia Crowley and I blog over at Crowley Party, where I talk about my life, fashion, food, crafts, pretty much whatever interests me! My husband and I think Life Should be a Party (hence the blog title Crowley Party) and that we should enjoy all the little to big things in life :)

Lately I have been trying to be more creative and have some fun, so in order to do that and push myself, I am hoping to open up a little online shop within the next month or so! It got me thinking about all the other blogs and shops out there that are just starting out or looking to expand. Things cost money, which we all know we want to save some money, so I thought it would be fun to offer people some free advertising space on my blog!

Today I am giving away a Large Ad Spot (30 days) on my blog to one of you readers to bring some attention your blog or your shop, or whatever you want promote! You can decide when you want to start your Large Ad, it can start whenever you want!

Here are some details behind my blog to intrigue you:
I have over 2300 followers on my blog via GFC.
My blog averages about  1,000 to 2,000 hits a day and I get about 47,000 views a month. 
I would love to help you bring some attention to your creative endeavors!

How To Enter:
Be a follower of the Crowley Party
Be a follower of A Happy Girl.
One entry.

Additional entries:
Follow @ahappygirlcom on twitter
Leave a comment for each entry!

If you are a first time visitor to my blog, welcome! Thank you so much for stopping by. The gift of your time is much appreciated! If you would take a few minutes to educate yourself about Cystinosis I would be forever grateful. I am on a constant mission to spread awareness of this condition I live with, the challenges that come along with the disease itself, the issues we run into with how rare it is (only a few other people in Utah have the illness), but most of all? That choosing happiness is always always an option in life, no matter what you are facing. Sometimes you have to create your own potent hope. Sometimes you have to refuse to be held back by limitations. Hey, I did when I pushed the boundaries and joined the elite and powerful group of women with Cystinosis who have been able to have a child. This is a small group of about 10 in the world.
Yes, 10.

Thank you so much for listening!
Find beauty today.
In the little things, in the big things, in LIFE.
Do something that scares you today.
Let your kind words flow. They are incredibly powerful.

Make today a good day! :)

Giveaway will run until Friday March 30th.


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