24 June 2011

when daddy is in charge

my heart & soul are literally bubbling over with inspiration these days, so that is not the reason behind my lack of updates. it is simply time. but, i am working on making the time, finding a balance between all of the pieces of my life i am so lucky to get to try to keep up with; i think many of us are trying to find balance.

the other night i was enjoying a wonderful phone call with one of my oldest and dearest girlfriends. rory and sookie seem to think their noise levels need to increase tenfold whenever momma is on the phone (i smirk as i type this because he will adamantly deny it.) i slipped outside to chase after a little quiet.

i went undisturbed a little too long, to the point i started to wonder what they were up to in the house. well, this is what greeted me a mere five minutes after this pondering started brewing...

girl has a lot of hair accessories, you have to give her that. this isn't even the half of it. i burst out into fits of careless laughter and fell a little bit more in love with the both of them and their silly antics.

it is the little things.
when our story replays on our way out of this life, i truly believe it is the BIG stuff, but a billion of the tiny moments interlaced with them as well.

the happiest of fridays to you!


  1. That is tooooo cute!!! Those phone calls with friends are really precious aren't they, especially when the kids are about!!

    CJ xx

  2. We need to talk about Sookie's over-accessorizing issue. :)

  3. this could become quite the fashion ;)

  4. Oh my goodness that is so darling! I catch those moments with Chloe and Dj sometimes and i just wanna cry.

    I love seeing the two of them together.

  5. How cute :) Love all the bows!!

  6. I seriously love these pictures so much. It was great to finally have a full, uninterrupted conversation with you. Rory & Sookie are wonderful distractions for me, as well. This layout is GORGEOUS! Love yoooouuu.