16 October 2014

Once Upon An October

Dear October,

I love you because you hold dates that make my heart sing. Lots of loved ones birthdays all varying in ages, our 8th anniversary, my Dad's birthday (he turned 59 on Tuesday!) and of course my big 20 year transplant anniversary on Saturday. Halloween might be my favorite holiday too. I mean, come on! All the spooky shenanigans without the stress of presents and family drama. ;)

Fall is such a time of hope for me. Pure, powerful, potent hope. The greatest things have happened in October. It is refreshing to see how to remember things that happen in 24 hours can change the path of your life forever. Yearly I am reminded of the force of believing in something bigger than yourself.

This year specifically? We've been laughing and loving these days away. Sookie was randomly on a local television show when we were frolicking at one of our favorite spots, Gardner Village. I present, Queen Elsa complete with glitter eyes.

She was all ready to go in a darling halloween dress, then came down wearing this. I asked her what happened and she explained that she accidentally smeared toothpaste on her halloween dress. So, when the camera dude came up to me and asked if she wanted to be on T.V. getting glitter eyes painted, I thought sure why not! Therefore, Queen Elsa...with glitter eyes. Makes me laugh!

That photo above at the very first with the pumpkin field and majestic Utah mountains? Is featured on the opening screen of the Rhonna Designs app this week! After knowing each other online for years and years, (plus working together last year on the Cystinosis stack of bracelets) I was finally able to share a hug with Ashley from The Shine Project a few weekends ago! That girl has a heart of gold and her actions back it up. She is the real deal! Other pieces of good; Sookie is cavity free as of last week at the dentist. We've been to the circus, enjoyed breakfast with eccentric witches, and have some phenomenal family photos.

Whew! I say bring on all the fun when I feel this good!

What is your favorite part of October?