29 September 2014

Stress About The Beautiful

I had a thought a few days ago. Wouldn't it be marvelous if we all started stressing about all the beautiful things? Instead of whining about them? This (not so) revolutionary thought occurred to me several days ago when I was getting my panties in a twist (yup, happens to the best of us!) over all the tasks I need to accomplish and cross off my "list". When really, all I wanted to do was drop everything and build lego castles and construct curving train tracks with our girl all the live long day. We do plenty of that too, because I'm a firm believer in the power of playing with your kids, but on this particular day  the tasks that needed to be finished far outweighed my energy and resources. Which....newsflash, is life as an adult, and a mom. I know that.

However, I decided to turn my thoughts around. There were so many beautiful things to stress over. We have a house to live in, sure it needs to be cleaned and I'm constantly picking up. But we have a house of our own. I was battling with my insurance company to cover my $800 a week eye drops that prevent blindness due to the cystine crystals that build up in my eyes. Yes, the process was annoying and stressful and time consuming. I'm still working on getting the details smoothed over and everything figured out, but goodness, there is a medication to help obstacles I have, and that? That is pretty freaking fabulous. A beautiful thing to stress about. I want to stress more about the beautiful. Sookie is a busy busy bee these days and I'm astonished at her curiosity and boundless passion for learning and moving and growing and changing. The beautiful thing to stress about? She's healthy, she's happy, she's thriving. Girl is gold.

I want to stress more about the beautiful. How about you?