01 January 2014

Grateful For Where We've Been (Excited For Where We Are Going)

Thought I would pop in and say hi! Hope you are all doing great! If you celebrate, I hope you've been enjoying the holidays with warmth in your heart and loved ones at your side. I feel like so much of time lately is a whirlwind of moments and laughter and memories. We have been blessed with slower days and taking a break from the (anything but) ordinary chaos and trading it up for Christmas and New Year insanity. ;)

Here is a little video of our 2013 that I made. Looking through all of these photos last night made me incredibly emotional, all the ups and downs, triumphs and failures, wishes and pitfalls, of these past 365 days. I'm thankful for the mistakes, because they fuel me to be better. I'm grateful for where we've been and excited for where we are going!

That infinite possibility and endless hope you are overcome with today? I wish that for you on every morning, because it is there waiting for you on every day of the year. 

Here's to miracles in this new year. Happy 2014.