15 July 2013

hello monday: 14,000 things to be happy about

Hello Monday!

Hello to yummy homemade popsicles with sneaky healthy ingredients that still make her smile.

Hello to new adventures. My new approach to this whirlwind life; it won't be perfect, but it will be an adventure. It will be interesting. It will be a learning time. It will be fun.

Hello to pancakes and deciding to put ALL the fruit in them; blueberries, strawberries, bananas. Why not?

Hello to the chaos of the splash pad on 100 + degree day. Hello to the wonder woman.

Hello to baking cookies and letting go to embracing the epic mess and memories when it turns into a mommy and Sookie flour fight.

Hello to mermaid hunting with Poppa.

Hello to this Saturday morning scene.

Hello to the valuable life lesson that cousins make the best friends.

Hello to the beauty of being alive for another day, organic raw honey in coffee, stuffed animal bulldogs in nightgowns and pearls, the strength to snap my fingers while dancing.

Hello to this angelic face being a huge motivator to keep moving on our nightly walks. Her spark could propel me anywhere.

Hello to the bizarre feeling of actually saying no for once to things you thought you were obligated to do. And in the process, learning a lot about your authentic self.

Hello to a unicorn up against a bright blue July sky.
(Kelle Hampton needs this charm, no? ;)

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Alright, my list here isn't quite 14,000 things but it is a good happy chunk!

What 14,000 happy things are you saying hello to this week?


  1. I love your list! Sookie's Wonder Woman photo is precious. And I agree, pancakes should have all the fruit in them!

    This week I am saying hello to champagne slumber parties with good friends. My husband has been working out of town, but I'm glad to have such great girlfriends to keep me company!

  2. Visiting from Sharefest! What amazing pictures you have. Really awesome. I am saying hello to embracing summer, even in the heat, as our winter is too long and cold. And to following lovely new blogs.

    Katy at www.experiencedbadmom.com

  3. Beautiful post and pictures. Love the idea of listing things to be happy about. More of us should follow your lead.

    Happy SITS Sharefeast Saturday :)

  4. oh my, how i love this. summer is this post in a nutshell! YAY!