18 March 2013

hello monday: little darling.

hello monday.

hello overwhelming news over the weekend. back to back. and then, waking up on sunday to find out my great uncle has gone on a new journey and passed on. please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers.

hello precious life. this is all so big and we are all immensely lucky to have it, even just a glimpse in the glittering sun.

hello blue skies and spring catching our attention with her flirty eyes.

hello to playing dress up on saturday night.

hello to women lifting each other up. what is more beautiful?

hello to a ridiculously easy (and adorable!) craft of heart knee patched leggings. thanks to small fry yet again for inspiring my motherhood. (even better? the leggings were $1.50 at target. score!)

hello to norman the bulldog who stole my soul this weekend. i've wanted a bulldog for several years and he only cemented that fact firmly. :) i would name ours duritz after adam duritz of the counting crows. norman was rescued from a neglect situation by some sweet people and is getting a second chance at life in georgia. can i get a hallelujah for second chances?

hello to moving things around the house and consequently finding fresh ways to attack emotional cleansing in my heart.

hello to the magnificent (spring) playlist i've created on spotify titled, "little darling (it's been a long cold winter)"

hello, she is my sunshine. always, always, always. & forever.

* linking up with lisa leonard's series hello monday

what are you saying hello to this week?


  1. She is adorable, I can see why she is your sunshine!!! I love your blog!

  2. funny and happy pics! welcome to tina´s picstory :) our topic today is *happiness*, so if you like ....

  3. Sorry you had a tough weekend. Adore those leggings - I need some of those heart patches! - and Norman looks very fetching in his pink hat. :) Your daughter is gorgeous. Have a good week.

  4. :) Hi there, just saw your comment so nice to meet you! Love your dress up photo, and the b/w one below it. I'm happy to have found your blog, a very inspiring place for sure. I wish I could get away with wearing the heart patch leggings. :)

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  6. So cute! Those knee patches are adorable! :D Missed you tonight!