01 December 2011

i'm blank because...

Happy morning to you! 

I saw this on two of my favorite blogs: Little Miss Momma and Casey Wiegand so I thought it would be a fun little exercise. I love lists. :)

I’m weird because…
I love to vaccuum.
I wear glitter shoes to cheer myself up when I'm feeling blue.
I tell Sook a million times a day how brave she makes me, because she is so brave.
I love to dump malt vinegar on my french fries and cover them in salt.
I chew on my hair when I'm nervous.
I online window shop to let real life wash away.
I'm addicted to peppermint oil in water. 
I am a huge believer in co-sleeping.
I know more about Cystinosis than the majority of doctors I see.
I can eat an entire giant bag of salt & vinegar chips in one sitting.
I love doing laundry, I simply don't like folding it or putting it away.
I believe in letting kids make messes; that is how they learn, discover, and explore their world.
I'm making a conscious effort to get rid of things or activities in my life that don't make my life bigger or better.
We bought Sook a Fozzie Bear hat on clearance at a Halloween store and because it is too big for her, I've been wearing it. (See photographic evidence below.)
When on shuffle, my iPod will play Neil Young, Hanson, Ryan Adams, Nirvana, Jann Arden, Carole King, and Kings of Leon...all in a row.

I’m a bad friend because…

I'm horrible at being prompt when replying to text messages.
My feelings are hurt extremely easily.
I'm incredibly stubborn.
Sometimes I hold the people I love to ridiculously high standards.

I’m a good friend because…
My loyalty is fierce and mighty.
I give and give and give and give until I have nothing left.
I lend support whenever I can.
I aim to cultivate love and light every single minute of the day.

I’m sad because...
I will never be pregnant again.
Medical research moves achingly slow.
Sometimes regrets get the best of me.
Certain people in my life, just don't "get it", they simply don't understand Cystinosis is progressive and there is not a quick fix for everything.
Cystagon makes me so sick, but saves my life. It is a difficult paradox to convey and triumph over. I'll explain this further in a 'living with Cystinosis' post I'm writing, but in short, it has been used in laboratories to give animals ulcers. 
I've been thinking about my health way too much lately.

I’m happy because...
I'm here, right now.
Our girl is healthy. This is big, SO BIG, I never take it for granted... truly. I would walk on hot coals every day for the rest of my life if that meant she never had to deal with illness or disease.
HUGE things are happening early next year for Roar and his business.
Sugarland's Christmas album, Gold and Green, makes me feel all fuzzy, warm, and invincible.
I feel like the luckiest girl in the whole universe that I am her momma and I have the privilege to be her full time caregiver...because it IS a privilege. 
Jack (our dachshund) will be here for another Christmas with us. (He has a lot of scary back problems due to his size and build.)
I'm currently in the throes of a Miranda Lambert obsession. 
The sweet emails, comments, thoughts are receive from this little blog are such bright lights in my day!
We launched gLockets a few days ago! They will get their very own post, but I'm so in love with them; they are glass lockets that hold birthstones. For a limited time, get $5 off with code HAPPYGIRL

I’m excited for…
Playing in the snow with Sookie this winter, building snowmen with her and making snow angels.
A lazy Christmas day at home with my loves; we decided this year we are going to stay home to soak it all in, instead of rushing around from house to house in a whirlwind of stress.
The solace this blog brings into my life.
Sookie turning TWO!!!
Incredible couples I love and adore tying the knot in 2012.
Personal growth, new goals, really pushing forward full force with my memoir in the next few weeks and beyond into 2012.


  1. Soo you're saying that if I promised you a bag of salt and vinegar chips you'll come and vacuum my house for me? Mmmkay thanks :)

  2. Fantastic post :) I love getting to know you better!

  3. Loved this post.
    I may have to post something like this myself.
    I'm SO with you on the bad friend stuff, except when people don't reply to me fast enough I freak out.

  4. loving loving this post!!!


  5. love this! you are one strong momma! keep me inspired.

  6. I love vacuuming too, and I think it's because once you've done it you can SEE how much cleaner the floor is!

    Also, reading this post has totally made me want to eat salt and vinegar chips!!!

  7. You are sooo gorgeous! I love that you get off on vacumming! I love the way you can piece words together and make them as gorgeous as you!

  8. I've just come across your blog - love it!

    I have a neurological illness and too many people don't 'get it', either...it's frustrating. For others they get sick and get better, they expect the same.